Interpreting Islam As a Mercy

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Humans are social beings (homo socius) which can not live alone and must rely on others. Naturally, they always want to get in touch and interact with others, make friends or build their own circle in order to survive from the tough life and reach the things they fight for. They even get srawungan ( gathering) just for sharing each other about the reality of life, eating and laughing together.

One of my friends expressed his anxiety to me in a café when he was on vacation in Darrasa. He said that the only way and solution to deal with violence in the name of Islam is to campaign and approach that Islam is a religion of peace, full of blessings and mercy to all creation. We ended our discussion with holding up the shisha towards the sky “The young generation must take a role in this case”.

A friend of mine has his own perspective of an ideal world. He conveyed his idea to me comprehensively like reading a long dictate that had been memorized well when the exam comes. The others didn’t want to miss the topic and started to deliver their own opinions. Then here we are, we shouted each other so it sounds like merchants in Attaba offering their stuff. “Bro, the thing is this topic has been delivered for a long time and to make it happen is not as easy as turning the palm. I wonder if muslims are brave enough to prove loudly and massively without any doubt that Islam is a religion of peace but on the other hand they remain without action”

Our conversation that night is likely to be endless yet but there is one thing sticks in my mind, thought or concept are the products of time (al-turats ibn ‘ashrih). Therefore tadzkir and takrir are two traditions that were handed down to maintain and keep a thought or concept remain relevant for all time. “So, bringing back the concept of Islam as religion of peace and full of compassion is a certainty” said my friend passionately as he lifted up the shisha

The meaning of rahmah (mercy) in Islam

In Islam, rahmah is the kindness that Allah granted to humans in the form of healthy body, intelligent mind, and clean soul. Meanwhile in the Qur’an rahmat has the connotation of giving and compassion for all human beings without exception, because Allah has the quality of Rahman (merciful) that is granted to all of his creations. Prophet Muhammad PBUH has emphasized that his presence in this universe was a blessing for human being “Ya ayyuha al-nasu, innama ana rahmatun muhdatun’.

At the very beginning of its emergence, Islam in Arabian lands came with the mission of improving the human life towards a better path and direction, applying the law fairly, removing all forms of oppression and declaring an equal life for all human beings. Islam guides people to a safe, peace, and prosperous life. Allah said in the Qur’an “And we have not sent you but as a mercy to the worlds” (QS al-Anbiya:107).



According to al-Imam Muhammad Sayyid Tantawy in his exegesis al-Wasith, the meaning of “mercy for the worlds/universe” is Allah did not send his messenger to the human beings with carrying the apostleship and big mission except to be a blessing and compassion to the universe, humans and jinn. This messenger would make them pleased in living and performing their religion in the world, and getting a happiness in the day after as long as they follow his commands and stay away from his prohibitions.

Furthermore, in the exegesis of al-Kassyaf, the prophet Muhammad SAW was sent as a blessing for all creation and the universe because he brought the good news to those who followed him. All of these explanations are obviously more than enough to show that radical actions; chaos, riots, bombing in public places, destructive demonstrations, and even losing someone’s life are the antithesis of Islam as religion of peace. These disgraceful acts resulted suffering and very destructive to our nation, devastating the peaceful life that we all fight for.

The concept of compassion in Islam has been spread and conveyed all over the world, since the era of Sheikh Hasyim Muzadi, the former leader of PBNU (the Central Board of Nahdlatul Ulama). He initiated various movements and programs in peace and humanity, for instance Gerakan Moral Nasional (National Moral Action), International Conference of Islamic Scholars (ICIS) and he participated in the 8th World Conference on Religion and peace (WCRP) which took place in Kyoto, Japan in August 2006 and later appointed as a president of WCRP. Al-Azhar and World Sufi Forum are parts of this agenda as well, they continue to implement Islam with a good and peace way with no compulsion in it. They uphold Tawassuth (moderate), I’tidal, (just), Tasamuh (tolerant), and Tawazun (balanced) as the pillars of da’wah. Despite having a bad image due to unbased claim and unclear blame we will strive harder for the sake of Islam, And Islam as the religion of peace will be campaigned and shouted over and over.


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